Wrap skirt

Door Nienke

This is the first pattern I’ve drawn myself and I think it was a success!

A while ago I started the Modinette module at the Ensaid fashion school. I started for many reasons but mainly that after four years of sewing lessons I began to gain interest in measuring and drawing patterns. Bought patterns hardly ever fit perfectly; the more you sew the higher your expectations. *hihi, recognizable??

Drawing patterns is awesome for me! I enjoy it so much when you can make pieces fit perfectly and how much better it will look that way. It makes such a difference.

During lessons you draw everything according to the correct scale and even though I have been learning to be more patient, I have been wanting to draw and make things true to size. This way you gain more insight in what you draw…

To prepare for the exam you have to draw and sew for items which will be part of the evaluation. One of the assignments is a skirt; even though the final is not until February, I am permitted to work ahead when it comes to sewing. This is because I already have experience. *hihi, and something to do with patience.

So I decided on a wrap skirt, one I had seen come past but of course I added extra details. I kept the darts in the front and back like you would do in a regular skirt, which made that for a cleaner finish, I think. 

I added double ruffles and added a waistband to the skirt, which you slide through a button hole so that it lays flat instead of having to cross over each other and creating a twist. 

However, one big problem. I think it turned out so fantastic that I REALLY want to wear it, but if I want to use it for my exam I am not allowed to wear it. So I guess I’ll be thinking of something different for my exam, I’ll just get more practice. I will definitely be wearing this skirt come summer!You may think, why doesn’t she just make the same thing again? If you follow me and read my blogs, you also know that I never use a pattern twice, sometimes I make exceptions but with the amount of ruffles on this skirt, noooo way…!

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