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Door Nienke

Made this sportswear with travel fabric I found by Javro Stoffenmarkt XXL

First I think it’s important to say that it’s all about the fabric with good sport clothes. Honestly I made the same mistake several times, I bought to thin and light weighted fabric.. Never did I find such beautiful fabric with this quality.
The different is in between the composition of elastane, that makes one fabric thinner and glossier than the others.

Many people have reacted on my story’s, saying they are afraid of ripping the clothes or have a see through booty. But with fabric of this quality you don’t have that problem. And by making the good size, using the good threads and settings on your machine the problem of ripping clothes is also solved.

Look For the explanation of threads and settings this video!

In the instructions the magazine (Knipmode) sad you need all pattern parts twice for the body part. Except this quality was so good, that wasn’t necessary! So I made two different tops, using the opposite colors. Like you can see in the first two photo’s .

I need to say that the pattern sizes are great! Usually I need to make many changes because the sizes are always to big. But now I almost didn’t do anything, a view small things, but that’s normal when you making it on exactly you own size.

There’s a first time for everything! For the first time I used my new machine, coverlock with 5 threads. It makes wonderful top stitching, but to get the good settings it’s very hard! The machine is very sensitive and you need to make the right settings, otherwise its gonna be a mess.

It’s not perfect, but for the first time I’m satisfied.

The fabric I used is almost sold out, but when you look on my Instagram, high lights blog Javro you can see a little video off the other travel fabrics they have.

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