Norma, Fibremood edition 9, 2020

Door Nienke

With this editon I enter linkparty #13, with a view others I had the honour to test a pattern and release it on this day (april 15th). I made this blouse with fabric from Javro Stoffenmarkt XXL.

When I received the list of patterns we could test, I immediately loved this one. The Norma blouse. But I had some doubts because I liked almost all of the patterns, I can make all the patterns of this edition. In the end I choose this one because of the basics of the look and I already knew with kind of fabric I wanted to use.

The fabric I bought by Javro Stoffenmarkt, a store in the Netherlands, normal they don’t have online sales but now because of the Corona measures they sell via Instagram and send it. I couldn’t choose with color I wanted so my friends and mother helped me. Luckily enough at that time they had only 4 choices, now they have many more!

I choose this pattern because of the basic look and the beautiful waistline. It’s a short model but I love it, it’s my style because I’m always wearing a high waisted pants. With my figure (hourglass) it’s a nice accent to have a short top or blouse on a high waisted pants.
Some off the testers extended the blouse, but I didn’t.

It’s a easy model to make! I hacked only the hemming technique because I didn’t understand the method they were explaining. At the end I better had used the blind hemming technique because this way there is no top stitching anywhere, now there is only at the bottom. But hi, I can do that the next time! I couldn’t choose the right color anyway so choices enough.

Something else I liked about this pattern, are the sleeves. The crinkled sleeves, most of you who follow my on instagram or read my tutorial know that I totally love crinkled sleeves. This one is very decent!

For the critical viewers, Yeah I made a mistake with the buttonholes! I made I measurement error. I always measure my own buttonholes because it has to do with the size of the buttons you want to use. But this time I made a non-reversible mistake, because I noticed it too late, when the buttons where already on and I cut the fabric.
Yeti t doesn’t bother me, because I like the blouse very much! Normally i don’t make a pattern multiple times, but this one is a contender. (also because you only need 1.10 meters of fabric, lovely for coupons)

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