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The trousers and jumper (Britisch)/pants and sweater (US/CA) are both from La Maison Victor made with fabric from Javro Stoffenmarkt XXL.

This bubble was corduroy (96% cotton and 4% spandex) was perfect for these trousers. It came from Javro Stoffenmarkt XXL in Epse. I used La Maison Victor’s Turi pattern from the Jan/Feb 2020 edition. Wednesday I was browsing through all the good paperwork on Javro’s coffeetable when this pattern caught my eye! I usually wear tight fitting pants but something sparked my attention and made me want to attempt this pattern. Beside my love for corduroy, I also enjoy the stretch in this fabric, which makes it more comfortable to wear!

I had never made a closure for buttons, so I faithfully followed the instructions given by LMV, which really helped this. Along with the button closure and the wide pant leg, the back pockets and wide loops stand out. 
Due to a narrower waist, I made wider darts which made the pants tighter near the top. 

This winter I’ve become a fan of larger and warm sweaters. Javro’s owner, Manon, helped me find a nice sweater and fabric that would go well together. She brought a knit material, Big Knit (80% cotton 20% polyester) and I was sold!
One reason why Javro is classified as a favourite fabric store is the service! They help the customer think through the process, listen to the customer’s wishes, and have all the knowledge to give great advice. This makes it worth the drive. 

For the sweater I used the LMV pattern Charlene (Sept/Oct 2018) and 5 needles! The fabric is cozy-warm, nice and thick but because of the puckering, it became so thick that the needles couldn’t handle it. With the first needle I thought ‘it must be dull’, the second needle my thought was ‘hmmm… let’s use a different one.’ The next day, while surging, I’d forgotten I used different needles and again two needles snapped. Yes, some silly mistakes, but I’ve learned a lesson. The needles designated for thicker fabrics went through with ease and no more needles broke. 
Full of enthusiasm I started this two-piece outfit, and I am still excited about the trousers and the  jumper. However, I am unsure if the two work well together. That’s why I’m showing you some other options, because it totally depends on preference. (I’ve found that I prefer a combination of fitted and loose items rather than two loose fitting items.)

These trousers are fabulous! I am so happy with them!

The sweater? Isn’t it fantastic too?! I love it…

In conclusion, I have to mention how content I am with these creations. I like showing the variety of pieces you can combine with these items and how you could wear it too.
Besides inspiring you with the clothing I make, I also want to give some attention to the store where I get so excited and where I’ve gotten inspiration for this blog!

Javro stoffenmarkt (fabric store) is just beside the A1 highway, exit Deventer. It’s easy to get to and has free parking. I came across the store on my way to my parents, who live in the town next to it. In September 2017, Javro moved from downtown Deventer to this more accessible location. Javro is short for Jan Vroklage, Manon’s grandfather. The business has been in their family for three generations! Grandpa and grandma started with a skirt factory in Deventer, when the factory was about to close they sold all the leftover materials in the cafeteria. It went so well that the idea arose to start a fabric store. Such a fun fact!

Beside the large storefront in Epse, there are also 3 shops in Germany.

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