La Maison Victor, editie 3 – 2020

Door Nienke

A article of this outfit is posted in the newest La Maison Victor, April 2020, I used fabric from De Lappenkraam, a Dutch (web)shop.

This year I made a promise to myself, not to buy clothes only make them. This way I save money to buy a new cover lock at the end of this year.
I’m a social worker and we have regulations how to dress yourself at the office. I didn’t have enough decent yet light hearted clothes to wear to work last year. When I received the pattern overview this pattern of the Valerie caught my eye. It’s perfect in a linen fabric, lovely for work. This way I worked ahead of schedule.  

Honestly in the end it’s more a outfit for the beach, with flipflops then the office. *hihi.

The fabric was sponsored by De Lappenkraam, a store which I’m blogging for as well. I looked on there site for a linen fabric and found one. Just needed to have a matching fabric for the top, so I texted the owners of the store and the send my three kind of colors.
The top I draw myself, eight with a different sleeve, like you can see on the pictures. About the last yellow top I wrote a tutorial.

I made the front part of the leg 4 cm smaller. I did it before cutting in to the fabic, I chanced the pattern. I fold the pattern on the straight of thread each side 2 cm, making a total of 4 cm per side. I had to replace the plaid, but by measuring the old plaids it was a easy job.
Honestly it was out of need because I ordered to the wrong length of fabric. But if I didn’t chance it, it would drop form my ass anyway. *hihi.  

On the back side of the legs I took a cm in both darts, like this it fitted better and a had more accent on the curves.

And finally I chanced the hem of the pants, I make a hem ad form instead of right/straight. Like this the hem is better fitting. When it’s right/straight I always have a gap in the back. In the Netherlands we call it a “construction worker cleavage”.

In the end I’m very happy with the end result! I would wear it on vacation but also at work, it brings cheerfulness. *hihi
Because I was stubborn doesn’t mean it’s not a beautiful pattern, like wise. I’m enthusiastic about this pattern, easy to make!  I didn’t read the description, only take one look at the picture of the plaids to look if I was right, a check up.

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Agnès 16 juni 2020 - 12:45

Hi! I would like to do this trouser from LMV but I don’t know how to modify it so the hem is not straight do you have an easy way to do it? Also it’s the first time I’m sewing a trouser and if you have any other advice it would be great!

Nienke 17 juni 2020 - 16:06

HI Agnes,

I made Darts to make them smaller, and took something from the side but not much. The easiest part to get in touch with my is send me a DM on instagram.


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