It’s a Fits dress, Javro

Door Nienke

I made this It’s a Fits button-up dress with a viscose material found at Javro Stoffenmarkt  XXL in Epse.

Over the last three months I have posted a blog for Javro Stoffenmarkt XXL (a fabric supermarket) every Wednesday. My blog posts are inspired by what I find in books on their coffee table as well as what I see on social media. Javro’s owner Manon always offers great ideas and this time she gets all the credit! Customers often ask Manon about button-up dresses, a pattern that never seems to go out of style. I was happy to participate in this trend and put my own spin on it.

Right now you see a lot of vintage clothing added to the fashion lines in stores, you could call it 2020-vintage. Perhaps I am the only one who notices it because I’m crazy about this style *hihi. At Javro I can go to town; there are plenty of “vintage” fabrics to combine with the right pattern and then make the most lovely things (you’re right – I’m planning more creations. Yes, I have a stash *hihi)

I used pattern 1111 from It’s a Fits which is available at Javro – just like the fabric is. These patterns are sold separately. It was the first time I used this brand, which I found to be an exciting challenge, as every pattern designer uses their own techniques and sizing charts. 

It was also the first time that a sizing chart actually matched my measurements. With the It’s a Fits sizing chart I wasn’t somewhere in between two sizes which is what usually happens! So I didn’t make any adjustments and it fits perfectly. Am I excited?? YOU BET! (It’s not that I dislike adjusting patterns, but this sure was nice for once.)

What I did change was how I placed the yoke part of the pattern onto the fabric in such a way that, once sewn, the lines would be horizontal rather than the vertical lines in the rest of the dress. I did the same for the cuffs and collar, so they also have the horizontal lines.
This was not only a nice idea when it came to looks, it worked really well with fabric spacing because I barely had enough even when following their guidelines. With other brands of patterns I’ve often had extra fabric, but this was definitely not the case for this pattern. I had purchased their recommended amount if fabric for a size 42 and ended up making a size 40 dress with next to no left over pieces of fabric (I’d accounted for shrinkage). This makes me curious, are there more people who have experienced this when they worked with It’s a Fit patterns? I would like to read something about what others have noticed.

Some of my followers may have noticed that I documented the process of making this dress in my Instagram Stories (which I will save in my highlights)! I hope to start doing this more often because I received many positive reactions to it! This does not mean I will no longer include the process on the blog, perhaps you would like to join me on my journey to a finished product.

I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t conclude with a funny photo, right? (By now we’re all used to it, I think?! *hihi )

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