Impulse purchase turned dress

Door Nienke

This Knipmode dress is made from an impulse purchase, once again I couldn’t resist the coupons. 

It was my first time participating in a challenge. I was added to the group ‘Let Sti(c)k together, who together think of themes and challenges to keep busy sewing and blogging. We could vote on several topics but the winner got the impulse purchase. I had voted on this because I have plenty of impulse purchases hanging in my closet. Mostly because in the beginning of my sewing career I bought whatever was cheap, without really planning what I’d use it for. *sigh

I bought the fabric at the first fabric market I went to with my friend, my very first ‘stoffen spektakel’. It was one of the coupons that I bought at a sales table, 2 coupons for 5 euros. Of course, I purchased four. *oh dear.

You can see that there is nothing wrong with the fabric, it’s just a different fabric type than what I usually use. I kept this fabric in my closet for four years because I think it is nice but never had inspiration what to make with it. A dress is what I had in mind, but with just 1.5m there aren’t many options. For me every pattern needs to have something different, something special, something not standard. 🙂

I really enjoyed making this dress from November 2017 Knipmode. I selected the dress based on the neckline and darts at the waist. This pattern also only needed 1.55m which I made possible by using every centimeter and closely placing the pattern pieces on the fabric. I didn’t need to shorten the dress which could have been an option if needed. While selecting the pattern I didn’t even notice the cap sleeve, but it ended up being my favourite touch or part of the dress, so I’ll definitely include cap sleeves in the future. 

The most difficult part of the dress was the neckline. It stands open which I created using facing, but I didn’t dare cut in the seam allowances because I was scared to cut too far. However, to get good corners or curves you have to cut in the seam allowances. Beside the open neckline is the dart for the approach of the upright hem.

Did I mention that I really loved making this dress?! I l’m super excited! If I hadn’t done htis challenge and made this dress the fabric would have remained in my closet for another 4 years. Now I have a fantastic new dress, if I say so myself.
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