Dungarees Simplicity 8447, Javro Stoffenmarkt XXL

Door Nienke

I made this jumpsuit from a polyester fabric I bought by Javro Stoffenmarkt XXL. The pattern I used from Simplicity (8447) I also found and bought in there store.

With the owner of Javro I was looking for a exclusive project to make this time. I’m at the right place, because not only they have exclusive fabrics from big designers but they also have a great service. Al the personal is sewing fan herself and helps think about with kind of fabric you need or which hack you can make! It’s a day off for me! A half our drive but worth it.

Never made a dungarees before, only jumpsuits. But at this moment I doubt if its not the same? Is a jumpsuit not a nicer word for Dungarees, in the twenty’s century.

I wanted to hack the pattern by making the pants and top separate, like this I could where only the pants. I did like the pants also separate. So I made a extra waistband on the bottom off the top and buttonholes in the inside of the waistband off the pants. So I could make them together.

Only later in de sewing I began to think that I would like to wear the top separate to, with buttons that’s not possible. So I leave them out, leaving me only with buttonholes I don’t use in the inside of the pants. But he, if I didn’t tell you, you didn’t know, *hihi.

I really don’t like to speak about the struggle I had with this pattern. The sizes where to big, looking back I could make two sizes smaller. But the pattern is only available in smaller sizes going to size 40 and bigger sizes from 42 going up. But I’m always just in between those two sizes, so I choose the bigger one because I didn’t want to fall short.

If you like it, you can see the journey off my makings on Instagram high lights, sorted by blog/store or assignment. (if you want to laugh just take a look, how I always struggling with the fitting sessions because I don’t have enough hands)

I’m not enthusiastic about this picture, because it seems it not fitting well. I didn’t pay enough attention to it when shooting. But it seems just like this in the photo, in real live it doesn’t.
I wanted to show you guys this picture because on this picture you can see, it really looks like the pattern pieces are together. Honestly I just put the top in de pants.

The last hack I made, is the detail on the shoulder strap . I extended the length of the straps so I could make a knot in them, making a nice effect. But now I’m doubting about this detail, I don’t like the fact it masking the perfect matching of the stripes. I challenged myself by making the stripes on some pieces different. Like the waistbands I used on bought pattern parts and on the shoulder straps, like this they perfect match the stripes on the top where they get attached. But you don’t see that because of the big knots. So tell my what should I do?? Do I replace them with real buttons or do I sew them just on the top. It’s possible because the top has buttons on the side..

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