Dagny by Fibremood

Door Nienke

I tested this pattern for Fibremood, read in this blog what I thought about the pattern.

It has been a while since I wrote a post for my own blog. But this time I have wonderful news! I have been added to the group of Fibremood pattern testers!
I am really happy! I love testing patterns and have found that there’s a whole new level of personal development happening in the process. 

Many of you know (if you’ve read previous blog posts) that, after sewing for almost 5 years I have challenged myself to learn new techniques. I want to get to a whole new level of creating, knowledge and skill! This must include sewing from a variety of pattern magazines. Every pattern magazine uses its own methods and I found that I often got stuck in the beginning. But man, did I enjoy using this Fibremood pattern.

A huge advantage was that the pattern came with two sizing charts. One is a general sizing chart used as the basis for any project, and then a sizing chart per piece which impacts how the garment will fit. This way estimating the size is relatively simple, without necessarily having to measure again and again. Depending on a tight or looser fit, or should it be oversized? You choose, the sizing is there!

I drew the pattern and started second guessing its length, should I lengthen it? On the pattern there are lines indicating where to extend the pattern to lengthen the garment. After some recalculating and the thought ‘I’m often too hesitant’, I decided to cut the pattern as it was. And, it reaches to just above my knee, which is a great length for me. 

Fibremood uses a very fun finish on the sides of the panels, instead of using facing. They simply use bias binding. When turning the strengthened panels right side out, it will immediately create a clean, finished fold or edge.

To wrap it up I added bold buttons and fastened the buckles to the dress, finishing the youthful and cool style! I would like to share this detail – I found some of the materials such as the bias binding and buckles at garage or rummage sales! A while back I bought two boxes of accessories for a total of 10 Euros! I love scoring such deals and using its contents for all kinds of projects.

Enough about this dress and Fibremood (for now), I think you’ll have noticed my enthusiasm and I hope that I’ve inspired you to try this or another pattern. I would love to see your creations! Send me some pictures via Instagram @nie_nie_sewing which is hte best way to reach me!

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