Burda Jurk, 6264

Door Nienke

In this blog you can read how I made my first Burda dress (6264) and where I got the materials for it.

When I walked through my favourite fabric store Javro XXL on a Wednesday I fell in love with this fabric! Wow, a typical Nienke fabric! *hihi
Next, when I passed the coffee table filled with lovely pattern books and examples to inspire a Burda book caught my eye, with on the front this dress! It had to be!
I had no idea Javro also sold individual Burda patterns?! But yes! That it’s ideal and they ordered it for me; a week later it arrived at my house.

It was a simple pattern but I have been kind of stuck using the same pattern company and thus their way of working. So I decided to keep this pattern for our sewing/stitching day that I’d planned with contacts I know personally or through my social media and my blog. I had all day to work on this dress, completely focused and all kinds of help around me. 

In the end it was relatively simple to make this dress and I hardly used the directions that were included. I can totally become more confident in this. Do you recognize this?
I understand what the pattern was labelled ‘easy’, the techniques used can be advanced, although that wouldn’t necessarily improve the dress itself.

It is rare to make a piece twice (in fact, I have never done that). If there was one piece I had to choose to make again, it would be this dress! A simple design to make, excellent to combine with a variety of fabrics, you can make it in a variety of ways and it fits beautifully, quite slimming in fact.
However, I did lengthen the skirt so that I could wear the dress to work. I work as a practitioner in addiction treatment care, and believe that the knee length skirt is modest for my professional outfits.

There’s a bit I want to share with you about my stitching day! What a fantastic experience! I organized this day with Lilian. I personally know people and have gotten to know others via social media, who like me love stitching and sewing. I decided to ask and find out if people would be interested in doing this together. Of the 15 invited eight were able to come, and the others were enthusiastic about it as well. Eight stitchers the first time was just fine, we were able to get a good indication if this would be successful without having to worry about costs for a venue. 

I really enjoyed that in the groupchat we started, a nice, helpful camaraderie was formed, even though some of us had never met. People asked each other for explanations, helped with patterns, offered mini tutorials on their machines and we shared our progress. A group of people gathered, people who don’t know each other, and formed a respectful and welcoming ambiance because we all had the same interest and hobby. I thoroughly enjoyed that part! We had a lovely day together, learned much from each other, and made new friends. We decided to continue this, meet every six months and share either winter or summer wardrobes.

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