Burda Dress 6758- Javro stoffenmarkt

Door Nienke

I made this Burda dress with an embroidered cotton material found at Javro Stoffenmarkt XXL.

There’s a coffee table set up at Javro filled with inspiring books full of ideas. It’s quite inviting and often occupied by men waiting for their ladies. Often I arrive at the store with an idea in mind, and in the past I didn’t take time to peek at the table. One time I spotted a fun design on the cover of a Burda book. The shop attendant told me I can find individual patterns near the checkout – I was so excited to hear this. Now I usually pause at the table for a bit, to leaf through new magazines and books, books have patterns not included in the magazines. 

This is how I found Burda pattern 6758 ;ast time. Intially it looked like a difficult pattern and thus a fun challenge. In the end it wasn’t bad at all. The fabric I used really made this dress! The type of fabric you choose makes all the difference! I just love this embroidered cotton fabric, available in soft pink, yellow, and blue.

As a little girl I had an outfit made of a very similar fabric as this one. Truly, everything in fashion comes pack years later!
The fabric was super easy to work with and made a lovely summer dress! *It’s not quite summer yet but I’m kind of done with the yucky weather so I dared to approach the summer while making this dress. 
Ha, I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t add a funky aspect to my photos and my outfit, something I am starting to be known for on social media *hihi
On our wedding day I wore Converse-s, so why not in combination with this dress?! I like how fun and active it makes the dress. You could easily combine it with white sandals or pumps, creating a different look (usually I show you a variety of pictures but those just didn’t turn out this time).

While making the dress, I wondered if I needed to line it. According to the instructions only the top needs lining. The fabric is a little thin and the embroidery makes for tiny holes, which made me wonder yes or no. I decided to complete the dress with just the top lined and wait to see if the rest needed it too. It isn’t see-through at all and because I always wear shorts under my dresses anyway, I decided to leave it like this. It also keeps the dress light and airy! I think it will be a new summer favourite.
The entire dress was rimmed with bias binding to give it a nice finish when not using a lining. 

To conclude I will show you the back; see the beautiful pleats. This dress fits perfect with this fabric! To get in and out of the dress I used a concealed zipper in the back.

Taking nice and creative photos is a unique challenge itself, you want to look good but also feel slightly awkward in the spotlight. This is how silly photos came to be, just doing something crazy makes me feel more relaxed. In my Instagram stories you can see the photoshoot progress. Here a little taste of this session, where I had the idea to imitate Marilyn Monroe. They didn’t completely turn out as I hoped, but we had so much fun!

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