Botanical ladies suit

Door Nienke

I made this ladies suit for a wedding with a botanical theme. 

I’ve always had a somewhat eccentric clothing style. Yes, even when I was very young, which resulted in bullying. Money was tight so we often wore cheap clothing or received pieces on vacation in Italy which was ahead of Dutch fashion by 2 years. I always stood out. In a small ‘city’ like Lochem where I grew up, everyone noticed things like clothing. In my rebellion I’d clothe myself extra extreme to make a statement to the kids who bullied me; what I didn’t realize it that it just had negative consequences for me. 

When I started high school I received a complete makeover from my friend and my parents, hoping that I’d start with a clean slate. It worked, although I no longer felt like I could be me with my wardrobe. To this day I notice the effect it has on me. (While my personality isn’t prone to insecurity.)

When I saw this ladies suit from Naaitrends I fell in love, but didn’t start the project. Until I received a wedding invitation with a botanical chic theme, a perfect fit for this suit! I found the fabric for 6 euros (and that was 3 meters worth!). Worth the attempt of making the suit, even if I wouldn’t dare to wear it.

I never expected to be able to do this by myself, in the past I always took the ‘hard’ pieces to my sewing lessons… But we were off for the summer, so that wasn’t an option. So I took the plunge. I am so excited it worked so well, by myself!! The trousers are fantastic, the zipper lies flat. I made the blazer twice because it didn’t fit at the shoulders. I had my doubts while measuring, so I added myself plenty of seam allowances, and I could make it fit. 

The lining and collar worked out well, and I had never made collars on my own before. No pleat anywhere! I am proud of the result, although I wouldn’t make it again. The shape of the blazer does not suit me very well. As long as I wear it closed it looks very nice, but I always wear blazers open. However, when it’s open there is no waistline, which I’m disappointed about. Oh well, overall I am happy with how it turned out. 

Caught, a great statement! I remain caught in the insecurity to wear eccentric pieces and fully be me. Friends say this is nonsense and say I shouldn’t worry about a thing. I should show all my beautiful and crazy creations on social media. It’s often about the new and cool pattern, the techniques or the like. I must admit, about three quarters of the clothing I’ve made I don’t actually ewar. I just don’t dare. I make pieces because of a theme, or because of the techniques I want to learn, but maybe also a bit because I secretly hope to wear it!

I have been working super hard at improving my techniques and rose victorious in the process of making this suit! Both in skill and patience, normally I would have thrown in the towel and would not have remade the blazer twice. But, I’m starting to learn! 

Now to learn not to be so insecure and just be myself when it comes to my wardrobe. I am stubborn and enjoy it when things are just a bit different than what others do. They call that ‘individuality’, don’t they?! *hihi My wardrobe role model is Stijn Franssen, fantastic how she wears and combines stylish, athletic and neat items and just wears what she wants… This is a great example, and a great lesson for me… To be continued!

Ps. I did wear the suit to the wedding and constantly received compliments!

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