Bjorn Jumper, La Maison Victor

Door Nienke

I made this Bjorn jumper from La Maison Victor for my husband.

I hesitated if I should write a blog about this jumper, as it was just a simple little project between others. I wanted to spoil my husband Martijn with a homemade piece of clothing. He is very critical and knows exactly what he wants! In his closet are some of my creations that he never wears, and I have fabrics chosen by him at the ready but haven’t made anything with it. *we don’t have the same preference hihi. However, he is always very enthusiastic about the pieces I make! When I found these fabrics at Stoffenspektakel in Barneveld I knew this would be a colour combination we would both like, so I took them home for him.

It wasn’t a difficult pattern to make, but there are many details and finishings I was excited about so I decided to write a blog anyway! Let’s begin with the zipper. The zipper ends in the middle point of the jumper, the point which separates the jumper into two sections- this provides much room for creativity when it comes to fabric and colour choice.. 
By cutting exactly into the middle of the point and sewing a defined angle instead of in a curve, a sharp point is created. You have to be very careful with the zipper as the needle could easily snap. (I’m disappointed that there are shadows in the photos – this way you can’t see the zipper well. Just know that the point is very angular and tight. I am proud of it as this was quite the challenge!

The jumper has an upright collar, the perfect place to use two colours. The outside is the same colour as the top of the jumper. When you fold the collar down you see that the inside is the same as the bottom half of the jumper; the green comes back! (This was a great solution as I couldn’t find any rust coloured bias binding.)
Yes, you need bias binding for the collar! I hadn’t seen this before, so was curious how this would work. It makes for a smooth and nice finish on the inside. It’s beautiful how it all comes together, much better than when using surging, especially as this way the collar can be folded down nicely

The point on the back is the same as the front. As the point leads to under the arm you can pick either colour for the sleeves, one colour keeps the jumper more subdued and balanced.

I have enough fabric to make another project for my daughter, then they can be twins! The pattern for her item I will draft, I will lengthen the jumper to make it a more feminine item. I hope to write a separate post about it when I get the project finished! I will definitely take the techniques I learned in this project to the next one!

We make a crazy couple! Martijn always takes all my photos for the blog and it’s fun to do that together. In the last year we have both learned a lot and he’s inspired to learn photography skills. Being in front of the camera was a little uncomfortable for him. When I asked him not to be so stoic, I got this look. *hilarious, it sure gave me a good laugh!

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